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Our history. We've got a new name but a long history of satisfying customers with our drinks and dispensing equipment. Founded in 1983, DrinksWorks has made several key shifts before becoming the well-established and renowned company it is today.

Founded by Jeremy Stockley, DrinksWorks started life as Cabana in 1983, and then became Ben Shaws Western in 1996 due to a change in supplier. In 2014, the syrups manufacturer decided to withdraw the Cabana and Ben Shaws brands, and our team recognised this as a great opportunity to operate independently and expand not only our service but also our range of supply directly to our customers. We took it upon ourselves to build a new company out of the old, and became DrinksWorks in May 2014.

This long history has given us the comfort and competence of a long-running business, with a new chance to reevaluate our practices and our goals and fashion ourselves into a modern new business, addressing today's concerns and needs of the hospitality sector.