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Our equipment. We're proud of working with top of the range equipment - we know it back to front, and it's simple and intuitive for our customers to use.

We work with a few different brands of drink dispenser, working out which equipment will best suit your needs.

The Celli Adria Tower is great for easy, efficient service - even self-service! It has a brushed steel and carbon fibre effect with four or six dispensing heads. It works via a push button or lever dispensing system with an illuminated, customisable tower top, and is available for both sparkling and still products.


The Wunderbar Dispense Gun is our take on an old favourite. The classic dispense gun, it comes with either eight or ten buttons available to be connected to products, with a range of coolers available to connect multiple guns. Its quick flow rate enables speed of service and happiness from both your staff and your customers. It's available for both sparkling and still products, including still water.

The Celli Low Bar - Portion Control Head gives you more options when it comes to portion control or free flow, and an ease of service options. It has three heads out and if you like you can add a gun attachment or other additional products - just talk to one of our account managers to find out what works best for you!