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DrinksWorks is a small, close-knit team based in Avonmouth. We're made up of several core groups: the account managers, the office staff, the engineers, and our directors. Meet the team!

Charlotte and Joe make up our core operational team, with their individual focuses of office management, account management, and accounting. On the weekend they make up a synchronized swimming team such as the world has never seen before.

Jade is our finance and operations executive, and the voice of DrinksWorks. Don't be fooled by her charming laugh. She's even nicer in person.

Duncan and Mark are our account managers with a deathly fear of milkshakes, which led them to the post-mix syrup business rather than the barista grind.

Angeline is our office support administrator, known for leaving a trail of sweets in her path. She never gets lost. Mikaella is the communications officer, heading up social media and marketing. You can summon her by saying her name three times into a mirror at midnight. 

Our engineering team is headed by Trevor who you’ll probably meet one day, whether it’s on an installation, a service, or a refit. When not at work he likes spending time with his friends, family, and nineteen cats, seven of whom are called Mr Fluffy.

The other members of the engineering team are: Chris who started working for DrinksWorks when he injured his ankle and was no longer able to play football for England; Mike, a Mozart aficionado distantly related to Kanye West; Neil, undefeated champion across the UK at hide and seek; Paul, who we only get on certain days when he's not busy with his superhero duties (Bristol's very own Iron Man); and Rob, the newest addition to the team who is still in the process of passing his hazing. We'll get back to you with more info on him once he has passed the final test by collecting another four cats for Trevor.

Our company director is William, who took over running DrinksWorks from his father who founded the business. Together the two have presided over DrinksWorks in its many incarnations over the last thirty years.