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Keep Warm This Winter

It’s hard not to get a bit of the bye-bye summer blues around this time of year. In our home town of Bristol and across the south west, the rain is picking up, the skies are getting greyer, and that golden glow of summer evenings has well and truly passed. But there’s no need to get totally down in the dumps: there’s lots to love about the south west in winter. We’ve collected a few of our favourites…

Long Nights in Cosy Pubs

So you can’t spend all evening in the beer garden anymore -- but there are plenty of other nice drinking holes to be found in winter. We recommend finding your favourite pub, preferably one with an open fire (or at least a convincing picture of one), some hot whiskey to warm your bones, and good company. If you need somewhere to start, we’d recomment The Famous Pint Pot in Gloucester, Amoeba Lounge Bar in Bristol, or the Grazing Shed in Cardiff.

Drink Safe, Drink Cosy

While we all need to be sensible about our drinking, there’s no doubt that a well placed pint can go a long way to warming you up on a cold night. And there’s no need to be boring: we’d recommend using the long winter evenings to experiment with a range of cocktails (use The Works range for superlative mixers). Or add a splash of Fiery Ginger Beer to really spice your evening up.


There’s nothing warmer! When you’re in desperate straits, round up a few mates and take your pick of the above: either head to a pub for an easy night out, or bring ‘em round and serve them your latest specials. You’ll be feeling cosy in no time.