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Best Pubs for a Sunny Evening in the South West

There’s a warm wind winding through Somerset, the sun’s been about more often than not, and even the rain is hanging heavy and humid in the air - it’s official and we’re calling it: summer’s on its way. And in our industry, we love summer and everything that comes with it more than any other time of year (hence why we start it early and call it off late). That’s why we’re starting a new blog series, exploring our favourite things in the best season of the year, and the best places to enjoy them.

The long evenings are one of our favourite things about summer. There’s nothing better than finishing work and knowing you’ve got hours to go before it even remotely feels like bedtime. We’d recommend spending a couple of them in some of the best pubs in the south west, with some of the best beer gardens to steer you along.

No. 51 in Bristol’s Stokes Croft area is full of greenery and lovely benches, and heat lamps for when that chill creeps in, not to mention some of the best drinks in the SW (and keep an eye out for DrinksWorks while you’re there!).

Brewhouse Cardiff have a sweet, small outside area that we recommend snapping up and enjoying with a couple of pints… and some sport going on indoors, if you’re in the mood for watching a field rather than sitting one.

The Old Bath Arms in Frome has one of the loveliest beer gardens in the area, and we’d recommend getting there in time to have some of their delicious tapas: it goes especially well with a DrinksWorks-infused Gin & Tonic, using our The Works Tonic for that extra sharpness and flavour in your favourite G&T.